Aluminum End Truss w. Rosette Leg Adapters Kit

Price From: $585.00

Make the most of your MYT Medium or Large Glide with these specialized aluminum trusses. Your purchase includes a pair of the trusses for your Glide system (either Medium 7" or Large 9") and four Rosette Leg Adapters equipped with 7" rods. The Rosette legs are adjustable to any angle and any height, and the rods are threaded and stackable for adding even more height. The trusses are also directly threaded on the underside for mounting Baby Feet at a 15-degree angle. We have more accessories in the works for these beautiful and heavy-duty machined aluminum end trusses - like an adapter that allows you to mount your Glide on a 5/8 stand on the outside of the truss, extending your viable track run considerably. So easy to replace (an allen key is all you need) and backwards compatible with every Medium and Large MYT Glide we've ever made, this accessory is a no-brainer.

Kit Includes:

  • Aluminum End Truss (2pk)
  • Rosette Leg Adapters (4pk)
  • 19mm Standard Rod Legs, 7" Length (4pk)