Low Profile SRP 1/2"-13 Locking Bolts

These easy-to-use machined aluminum SRP Locking Bolts will positively secure the connection between your Hi-Hat and Galaxy Platform. With a large, comfort-grip head, these are very practical in any situation you need a 1/2"-13 screw on set. Tighten with so much as a coin— no tools necessary! Sold individually.

We recommend utilizing four bolts to connect the Hi-Hat to the Dolly. To use, simply:
  1. Remove the Rod Plugs from your Hi-Hat
  2. Return the Hi-Hat back to the Platform
  3. Screw from below the four SRPs into the Step Rods where the Rod Plugs were previously
When complete, there should not be any perceptible play between the Hi-Hat and the Platform. Please note that if you would like to use the Hi-Hat in an underslung configuration, these bolts are mandatory. Do not rely on the latch alone!
  • One One Low Profile SRP Locking Bolt of Choice
Hi-Hat Compatibility/SizeAll
Thread Size(s)1/2"-13