MYT Works Slider & Adapter Bundle

SKU: 1741 UPC: 739189353323

The Medium Glide Camera Slider bundle offers our two most popular adapters to secure the Glide rails to various supports.

This 4ft Medium Glide Slider bundle includes our two most popular adapters to secure the Glide rails to various supports. The Glide Slider Dolly is our most popular system and known for smooth motion and perfect starts and stops. High quality machining allows for consistent performance and damage resistance over years of professional use. Medium Glide Sliders have a rail span of 7 inches and handle loads up to 80 lbs. They are suitable for any camera from a DSLR to a fully loaded Arri Alexa and any camera in between, including popular Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony cameras. Designed by a filmmaker to meet the practical needs of camera operators and grips, Glide sliders have a portable, modular design for ease of use and numerous quick setups in any shooting environment. All MYT Works sliders are manufactured and assembled in New York City. The two included adapters are a must-have for excellent production. They enable the sturdiest connection between the Glide rails and your support. The Half-ball Adapter allows for mounting the system to a tripod; and the Baby Junior Adapter is for mounting with a C-stand, junior stand or any other industry stand.

Professional, multi-purpose and durable camera slider dollies for cinema, broadcast and film. Enjoy smooth, silent movements and numerous setup options. Works well with all cameras and in the most challenging environments. Easy to maintain and clean. Mounts directly with tripods, c-stands, baby legs, and more. With components machined from solid blocks of high quality aluminum and steel, each MYT Works slider is built to last for years and years to come.