Velour Fluid-less Nodal Head

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The Velour nodal head is like the Velvet's big brother. It has the same features but with a higher load capacity of 80lbs. The Velour also features a taller spin arm, longer camera plate, and higher vertical displacement and more adjustability. The Velour is suitable for use with all the same cameras as the Velvet, but also for fully loaded Alexa, Phantom, RED One, and heavy duty Sony cameras like the F55. It will also work with all 16mm and 35mm film cameras.

We spent a great deal of time and resources creating the MYT Glide slider dolly system with our patent pending bearing technology, focusing on achieving the highest possible level of "fluidity" in our sliding motion with a no back-lash start-and-stop capability. From there, it was only natural for us to pursue a nodal head design that could be used in conjunction with our family of camera support systems, but also separately with other tools available to filmmakers today. Positively inspired by the Ronford Baker F7 and to a lesser extend the Cartoni Lamdba, we decided to design a new nodal head that would keep some of the same unique features while shedding the heavy weight and the time consuming setup requirements. Also important to us was the design of a smaller footprint while retaining both the camera load capacity and adjustability known to these two magnificent nodal heads. The result is a nodal head that achieves a beautiful motion, very light, fully collapsable for easy transport and a maintenance free, fluid-free pan and tilt  mechanism. The Velour Nodal Head is our "large" model, and can support loads of up to 80lbs.